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. >> desalination has been a controversial thing. use solar energy. that is what we do. >> do you expect this to be a two-way street as well? what do you expect to get from silicon valley? >> i would like to get all the venture capitalists, and technologists to come to israel and see how they can find not only soulmates, but our entrepreneurs and technologists to cooperate with them. insulate yourself, cloister yourself in this global world. you open up, and preferably to the smartest brands anywhere you can find them on the planet. california and israel are two of the greatest cubs of technology innovation and entrepreneurship. let's make our work even better. >> a lot of telecommunication in particular coming out of israel, a lot from founders and entrepreneurs who started in the military and learned a lot about telecommunications. i wonder with this newfound focus on spying by the nsa and distrust of what companies are over toth data turned the government, is there something you can do to reassure people that the equipment they buy from israeli technology companies will not be used fo
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1